Colorado Springs Of Hot Tub Repair

Aahhh! Life does not get any better in Colorado than a crisp winter night, good company, a
glass of quality adult beverage, and a steaming hot tub to relax in. All those plans are awesome
until you are there, robe and slippers on, glass in hand, and hit the switch. Dead. Click click click.
The motor has died on the tub. You think. Or the switch. Grrr. And brrrr. Since the tub is on the
porch, it is imperative you get it fixed as soon as possible. You have to find a reputable company
hot tub repair Colorado Springs trusts, and now.
Hot tubs are one of life’s little luxuries that are wonderful when they work, and really horrid
when they do not. A lot of people try to repair their hot tubs themselves, and it usually does not
go well. Hot tub plumbing is a special trade because of the motors, pipe linings, and fittings. Too
often the pump and heater are in nearly impossible to access spaces, especially when installed
inside and an access hatch was not accounted for in the layout of the bathroom. Sometimes a
hole has to be cut through the side of a house just to get to the motor and pump. All this ends
up with a non-working albatross of a tub you cannot enjoy that affects the value of your home.
Often people find out the repairs they need for their hot tub requires parts. Hot tub parts
Colorado Springs needs regularly are expensive, so a lot of people simply give up, and the tub
sits vacant taking up space. They tend to sit and deteriorate, because if you have ever tried to
move a hot tub off your porch or out of your patio, you know doing so is a multi-person job that
is heavy, awkward, and can even be dangerous. They are off balance and often don’t even fit in
a standard truck, so a trailer has to be found. Getting it into the trailer is a bigger challenge. Few
centers will take them on donation, and the dump will charge you by weight for remodeling
Wouldn’t it just be a whole lot easier to call a qualified, professional hot tub repair company in
Colorado Springs that not only knows what they are doing, but can get it done fast and
economically? You will get the added benefit of being able to actually use your tub again.
A good hot tub company will give you a written estimate and if they have to order parts, a
reasonable guess as to delivery and installation. Hot tub parts are specialty items, so they are
not always on the shelf. Few manufacturers supplies fit another company’s tubs, and even
plumbing lines are odd sizes for some manufacturers. They do this to control their market. In the
end they end up loosing customers. Ask whom the hot tub repair and service company is an
authorized service center for, as this will give you a clue about parts delivery.
Competent hot tub installation and repair companies will not suggest unnecessary alternations
to your home or bath renovation, repair, or construction plans. They will have experience
making your motors, pumps, and inline heaters accessible for repairs and warranty service. Let

them help you make your hot tub purchase or repair a happy experience, and you can get back to that steaming water and beverage under the stars a lot quicker and easier.