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4 Types of Privacy Fences

Depending on your environment, some localities may have guidelines and restrictions for fence height, materials, and more. Check with your homeowner’s association for any rules or requirements before starting.

Privacy Fences

Privacy Fence Summerville SC provides just what it sounds like: privacy from neighbors, passing cars, and street noise. They also keep people from seeing into backyard pools and hot tubs and prevent neighborhood kids from trespassing on your property to play with toys or equipment.


A wood privacy fence can be a beautiful addition to any property. It’s available in a wide variety of styles and materials, from budget-friendly pine and pressure-treated lumber to more premium cedar and tropical hardwoods. Whether you choose a natural wood or a painted finish, this type of fence will add texture and dimension to your landscape and match most any home design.

A good wood fence will keep outsiders from seeing into your yard and monitoring your activities. This will give you and your family the privacy and peace of mind you desire when enjoying the outdoors. Having a clear demarcation between your land and that of your neighbors also eliminates the possibility of border disputes or arguments.

Because a wood privacy fence is typically made of individual boards, it is easy to replace warped or damaged pieces without having to rebuild the entire structure. This makes it one of the most durable types of fencing. With proper maintenance and care, a good-quality wood privacy fence can last for 15 to 20 years or more.

Many people prefer the look of a wood fence, which can enhance the curb appeal of any house or apartment. In fact, many homeowners find that once they have a wood fence in place, other outdoor improvements, like patio furniture or water features, seem to complement the fence and improve its appearance.

Another benefit of a wood fence is that it’s often less expensive than other fencing options, including vinyl and aluminum. This is primarily because wood fences can be built with standard construction-grade materials, such as pine and pressure-treated wood. A homeowner wishing to upgrade to more premium materials, however, can push the price up significantly.

When building a wood fence, homeowners should consider how tall they want the structure to be. A fence that’s too short won’t provide much security or privacy, while one that’s too tall can look overly restrictive and fortress-like. If you opt for a wood fence, it’s also important to have it installed by a professional. This will ensure the integrity of the fence and minimize any future headaches from incorrect measurements or placement choices.


Vinyl fences offer a modern alternative to natural wood fencing. They are available in various colors to complement any home and feature a wide variety of styles. The benefits of vinyl fencing include low maintenance and long-lasting durability. Vinyl fences will not rot, warp, or twist and will only require cleaning with mild detergent from time to time. Vinyl has also been formulated to resist the sun’s harmful UV rays, which cause color fading and damage to other fencing materials.

Vinyl privacy fences are also available in a selection of heights and styles to fit any property. From tall, solid panels to a more decorative picket style, the options are limitless. For homeowners that want a more traditional look, vinyl fences are available with lattice tops that add a decorative touch to the overall style of the yard.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a new vinyl privacy fence is to choose a trusted contractor to install the fencing. You will want a company that is licensed and insured, has a good reputation, and is certified by the American Fence Association (AFA). By choosing an AFA-certified contractor, you are assured that your contractor adheres to strict business and ethical standards as well as industry-leading safety and training requirements.

In addition to protecting your backyard and your family from unwanted intruders, vinyl privacy fences can also reduce noise levels. The solid panels of the vinyl fencing block out the sounds of passing cars, pedestrians, and other outdoor noises. This makes it easier to enjoy your pool, patio, or backyard without interruption.

If you are considering a vinyl privacy fence, be sure to compare the quality and pricing of different manufacturers. A vinyl fence should be able to be resold in the future and be a sound investment. Avoid purchasing vinyl from a big-box store or discount chain because it tends to be more expensive and is not constructed as well. 


Aluminum fences are growing in popularity for the sleek, modern look they offer, along with their durability and low maintenance. They’re lighter than wood, steel, or wrought iron fences, and they don’t rust. They also hold up to the weather conditions that cause damage to other types of fencing, such as high winds, rain, and snow. Because they’re so strong, they can last for half a century or more with only occasional upkeep.

Privacy fences add a sense of seclusion to outdoor living spaces and help create a boundary between your property and the neighbors’. If you live in a busy neighborhood, a privacy fence can also act as a sound barrier and absorb some of the noise from traffic and neighboring homes. This is a great option for homeowners who want to enjoy quiet evenings outdoors without worrying about the sounds of the city.

Another advantage of privacy fences is that they mark your property boundaries and prevent encroachment on your neighbors’ land. This helps keep unwanted animals and people out of your garden and yard, while also preventing disputes over property lines. If you’re worried about someone breaking into your home through the fence, there are a variety of locking mechanisms and gates available to increase security.

If you’re planning a fence installation project, you’ll need to know what size and type of privacy fencing you want. Some styles are more effective at reducing noise than others, so make sure you choose one that suits your needs and budget. You’ll also need to check with local zoning laws and utility companies before building your fence, as they may require permits or have restrictions.

The most common type of privacy fence is a solid panel, and there are many different styles to choose from. Some panels have space between the pickets that ranges from a few inches to no gaps at all, which gives you a lot of control over your privacy levels. Others have wider pickets with smaller gaps to block more of the view from each side of your property. The best way to find the right style for you is to consult with a professional fence contractor and take pictures of your property to show them.


Lattice privacy fences are a beautiful and functional choice for homeowners who want to add visual appeal to their property without sacrificing privacy. They are also an inexpensive option. Depending on the type of lattice used, it can offer up to a foot of additional privacy. This type of fence is available in a variety of colors and styles, and it can be attached to any fence, including vinyl, wood, or brick. It is ideal for use with picket fencing or as a topper for other types of fencing.

A lattice is a semi-permeable fence that consists of crisscrossing squares or diamonds. It is often used for garden walls and spa enclosures, but it can be incorporated into your yard as well. A lattice fence can be installed over an existing fence or built from the ground up. You can find a wide variety of lattice designs, from square or diamond to woven grid.

Typically made of wood, lattice fences are decorative and versatile. They can be used as a privacy screen or to cultivate cascading flowers and trailing vines. They can also be a good solution for hiding unsightly equipment like air conditioning units or garbage disposal units.

The cost of a lattice privacy fence depends on the material, the size, and the complexity of the design. Generally speaking, quality wood is the cheapest option, while vinyl is the most expensive. However, there are other factors that can affect the price of a lattice fence, including installation costs.

Another way to save money is to build a lattice fence yourself. This is an easy project that can be completed over the weekend. All you need are a few supplies and some patience. To get started, measure the area where you want to place your lattice fence. This will help you determine the amount of materials you will need and ensure that your fence is the right size.

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